Hall 5 NEC Birmingham

Saturday 25th November 2023 (9.45am* - 6pm)

Sunday 26th November 2023 (9.45am* - 5pm)

*Advance ticket holders 9.15am - Saturday and Sunday

Warley MRC Exhibitions Ltd., registered in England No 2728388, Registered Office 19 Highfield Road, Birmingham B15 3BH.

Members and friends provide the staff for the event, and without this support the exhibition could not take place.


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2023 A4 poster

2023 Floor Plan

Do you collect personal data and what is your policy?

Yes we do.  For a statement about our policy click here.

What arrangements are there for carers?

Warley MRC (a Charitable Incorporated Organisation), organisers of the exhibition, recognises that there is a need to ensure that no individual, adult or child is treated any less favourably than others. If you need the assistance of a carer then that person shall be admitted free of charge. Ensure that you make the situation clear when you purchase tickets.

Why is NEC car parking chargeable and what is the cost?

The NEC charges all users of car parking and currently the charge levied for our show is £16 per day (£12 if purchased in advance).

This covers well maintained, supervised parking with free bus transport from the car park to the Piazza entrance all day.

Disabled parking is available near to the Piazza entrance/Hall 5. Information on this is available on the NEC website.

Is there adequate seating at the event?

We strive to provide the best seating arrangements possible and there are approx. 1000 seats spread across our rest areas. The location of these areas is marked on our floor plan.

What refreshment facilities are available at the event?

The NEC provide excellent catering facilities including a self service restaurant, café/bar, tea/coffee stands and ice cream stands. Information about these facilities can be found on the NEC website.

Are there facilities to help small children and people in wheelchairs view the layouts?

Yes for children a small plastic ‘Children’s step’ can be borrowed from the Warley information stand.

Standing on this will help smaller children see the layouts. A refundable deposit of £2 is levied for the use of these steps.

Wheel Chair users can borrow a purpose made periscope to help see less accessible parts of the layouts also from the Warley information stand. A refundable deposit of £2 is levied for the use of these.

Why do advance ticket holders get in to the show half an hour earlier?

Early access for advance ticket holders helps relieve any queues at the entry kiosks on the day.

It allows the staff to more easily organise the entry gates and make things runs smoothly.

Also it allows us to get a little of our income before the event and it is only fair that we give something in return for advanced purchasers commitment to our show.

 Why do you not expand into the space around the show?

The simple answer is cost.

We rent the hall by the square metre. If we took more of the hall that would cost more money, which we would need to offset.

Page updated 13th February 2018